Monday, 15 October 2012

Creeping by!

I can't believe its a month since I've posted... I have so much to say and post!
Lets start things off with a list!

1. I am back at work, its hard and tiring but we're surviving

2. Luke is thriving at nursery, as are the bugs, he has already infected us all once

3. He isn't sleeping.... so we're not sleeping! Its operation Zombie in this house!

4. I am so sorry to my design teams Lia Stampz and Doodle Pantry.. I am an awful team member right now!

5. Please tell me it gets easier? I would pull those teeth out myself if I could! :)

Hope everyone is keeping well in blogland! I really hope we can get settled into a routine soon xx


  1. Sounds quite normal to me - I don't think it gets easier the challenges just get different :0) xx

  2. It will get better...maybe not soon enough for you, but it WILL get better!

  3. Hi Jennie... I am with Padster ...the challenges just change, however you will get more used to it especially like me if you go onto have My kids weren't great sleepers, so I know what its like being zombiefied! Xx

  4. :) You'll get used to most of it. But as soon as you get used to one thing and it all seems to go better new challenges will arise. Like Marc started climbing chairs on his own around the house! So he can reach to the light switches.... and he did break open his lip once.
    Boys are still boys.
    I'm sorry you had to go back to work so soon... must be really difficult with it all! Just be brave and shout when you need help :*

  5. Ahhh Jennie

    You sound like one very busy lady .. .. but it all settles down "eventually".

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.

    Love Jules xx


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